A playboy and his two victims – Real incident

Stop said the red signal when I was at least 100 meters away in my car. Reducing the speed and slowly getting it to a halt was no big feat. I did so on the morning of 4th April 2016 while on my way to work.

One person caught my attention while doing so. He was a very old (75 years approx.), skinny guy who was well dressed in a formal wear with shirts tucked in. He was attempting to cross the road when I started wondering about this old man’s dressing. He had a strange round winter cap on his head which was bright yellow in color with something written on it. All the while I was thinking why such a strange combination of a formal wear and a winter cap.

While he was just crossing the road, he almost collided against a lady who was crossing in the other direction. Felt sorry for him being an old man. When he just came nearby he stumbled upon on another young girl and walked away as if nothing happened.

Only at that point in time I could read the saying in the cap which said “I am a PLAYBOY

Well it made me to laugh and gaze at him more closely.

Pondering on how many more victims for this playboy until he reaches his destination.

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1 Response to A playboy and his two victims – Real incident

  1. Monny Kannan says:

    This has started happening quite some years back itself! If u ask todays youth female especially, teen age boys are far far better in public places now a days. Such behaviour has become more disappointing to us to manage the male who have crossed their 40s and 50s. We could neither slap them nor have a proof for most of them reminds us our senior people in our family. Some sort of moral respect comes between our reaction and tolerate! This is out of my group of public I’ve heard a lot!

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