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What next? – A man who inspired the whole nation!

I have so much to write about this great personality, yet nothing to write because the media has said it all in various forms. The press is simply overwhelmed with the tributes and condolences for this great citizen of India … Continue reading

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I just peed in my water bottle – November 23rd 2015

At 5:33pm one of my friend calls me at work and says, “Hey Raja, it’s raining bloody crazy outside and you should better leave now to avoid any flooding”. Having braced so much of rain in the last 10 days, … Continue reading

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Kids being drugged – Next level of crime in Chennai, India

One of the top crime incident in Chennai, India Yet did not get the TOP attention in the media. Innocent kids are being drugged through one of their most enticing edible products which is the CHOCOLATE. I can hear you … Continue reading

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A unique condition I suffer from – Revelation soon

Seven (7) years back, I vividly remember the day. It was a very pleasant morning. Rays from the sun slowly passed through the window curtains and gave me a warmth feeling. Woke up and geared up for what the day … Continue reading

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A playboy and his two victims – Real incident

Stop said the red signal when I was at least 100 meters away in my car. Reducing the speed and slowly getting it to a halt was no big feat. I did so on the morning of 4th April 2016 … Continue reading

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Sexual abuse in the bus – Chennai, India

My blog titled “A bus journey in Chennai, India – An hour of abuse in route 27c” has received a lot of reviews / comments from people all over the world. In fact it has been statistically proven that it … Continue reading

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Hospitality on the roadside – A heart whelming incident….

I have read a lot of couplets from the world-famous Tamil literature called “THIRUKKURAL”. For those who have not read or heard about this great literature, please enlighten yourself by clicking on the link below. It will definitely be an … Continue reading

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