A playboy and his two victims – Real incident

Stop said the red signal when I was at least 100 meters away in my car. Reducing the speed and slowly getting it to a halt was no big feat. I did so on the morning of 4th April 2016 while on my way to work.

One person caught my attention while doing so. He was a very old (75 years approx.), skinny guy who was well dressed in a formal wear with shirts tucked in. He was attempting to cross the road when I started wondering about this old man’s dressing. He had a strange round winter cap on his head which was bright yellow in color with something written on it. All the while I was thinking why such a strange combination of a formal wear and a winter cap.

While he was just crossing the road, he almost collided against a lady who was crossing in the other direction. Felt sorry for him being an old man. When he just came nearby he stumbled upon on another young girl and walked away as if nothing happened.

Only at that point in time I could read the saying in the cap which said “I am a PLAYBOY

Well it made me to laugh and gaze at him more closely.

Pondering on how many more victims for this playboy until he reaches his destination.

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Sexual abuse in the bus – Chennai, India

Sexual abuse in bus

A Crowded bus in Chennai

My blog titled “A bus journey in Chennai, India – An hour of abuse in route 27c” has received a lot of reviews / comments from people all over the world. In fact it has been statistically proven that it was the most visited blog of mine last year (2015). Click here to read the blog…… http://wp.me/pXMJX-e

In the midst of so many social blogs I write, I was pondering why this blog is receiving so much of traffic and that too from various parts of the world. Well, anyone could infer that these kind of indecorous activities are either prevalent all over the world or India is becoming one hot spot for this.

Recently the Punjab and Haryana court had ordered the state authorities to check any incident of sexual harassment happening in their public transport. Of course this action came only after the loss of a 13 year old girl who jumped of the bus near Punjab fearing molestation by some youth inside the bus. Also who can forget the horrific incident of Nirbhaya in Delhi a few years back who died after fighting a losing battle.

These incidents are grim reminders for us to realize that there are some daemons who are still out at large and preying on young girls and ladies who travel by bus on a daily basis.

Like the Government being ineffective on many public issues, this is yet another needle in the haystack. I recently wrote a poem in Hindi which specifically deals with such abuses and I share with you the catch line of the poem in which a girl says “This is my body and what right do you have on that

Yeh jism hei mera – This is my body!

Is mei hak kya hei tera! – What right you have on this?

Wish the girls/ladies become more brave and courageous to expose these bad elements in the bus.

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2015 in review

Annual report of my blogging in 2015. Thanks to all of you for following my blogs and commenting on the various blogs I write. I am truly encouraged.


Click here to see the complete report.

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Hospitality on the roadside – A heart whelming incident….

I have read a lot of couplets from the world-famous Tamil literature called “THIRUKKURAL”. For those who have not read or heard about this great literature, please enlighten yourself by clicking on the link below. It will definitely be an amazing experience for you probably Life Changing…


Thirukkural Book

Thirukkural Book

Every Tamilian is so blessed to have an iota of opportunity to learn this literature during the school days and remember it till the grave. One such chapter this book talks about is called “HOSPITALITY” which is classified under a broad heading Righteousness.

Well, I was tremendously busy organizing for a big festival in my apartment recently (17th September 2015). As a Chairman of the festivities committee, I was responsible for various tasks and one among them was distributing the invitation cards or rather inviting people to the pompous ceremony. My committee was so amiable and big hearted that we decided to invite all the vendors who serve our building including the maintenance staff, housekeeping, security, iron wala, flower, water, paper vendor, street vendor outside our compound, etc…Though this suggestion was spontaneous from me, my team of 20 people unanimously agreed and cheered for it as we all knew that it was a very noble thing to do.

Arrangements for the festival was in full fervor. Almost all the invitations were distributed as on the penultimate day excepting for one. Yes, I just quickly grabbed one invitation pack from my home and walked along with my kids down the stairs to drop them of at the school-bus pickup point which is in the main entrance of our apartment. Bus was on the dot and the kids boarded them in no time. I waved a big bye to them and walked towards the coconut vendor whose has got his shop in the pavement on the main road adjacent to our building. This gentlemen by the name Elumalai has a very humble, polite and courteous smile always and he was of course in our invitees list.

Elumalai - The coconut vendor

Elumalai – The coconut vendor

As soon as he saw me walking towards him he fumbled and started dusting a rusted stand in which he used to rest in between his arduous routine of standing the whole day. He greeted me with his characteristic smile and asked me to be seated. For a moment honestly I thought I have entered his house. Though we almost see each other every day, I could vividly sense a unique warmth in his hospitality at that moment.

Since it was quite early in the morning, he had just bought a cup of tea for himself and was about to relish it when I happened to go and invite him for the festival. With no second thoughts, he grabbed a disposable cup from his makeshift place and quickly poured half of his tea onto the other cup and offered it to me with all humility. I was simply taken aback by his hospitality at that point in time because I know how valuable is a cup of tea for a street vendor and how much more it is to drink it hot especially during the early morning. I instantly became very conscious about these two things and tried to politely refuse his tea. But he immediately replied to me “Sir, I have bought this tea from a good place, and therefore you can definitely have it sir.

Though I felt very ashamed of myself on his perception, I felt so proud and happy on being a recipient of such a great hospitality on the road side which many of us are not able to display inside our house. Without any exaggeration, let me tell you that I could instantly recollect the couplet written by the great saint Thiruvalluvar who had said the following in his HOSPITALITY chapter as below.

வித்தும் இடல்வேண்டும் கொல்லோ விருந்தோம்பி
மிச்சில் மிசைவான் புலம்.

Which means

Does anyone even need to sow his field if he always eats only

What remains after feeding his guests?

Thirukkural - A Great Literature

Thirukkural – A Great Literature

I was simply moved to tears that day and my respect to him has gone up significantly ever since. I was delighted to host him during the festival for which he came with his wife.

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A lady so brave, she burnt her husband alive – Real Life Story

Did I have the chance to meet this brave lady? Yes, I did.

It was quite a busy Sunday for me on 16th August 2015. After some arduous community work in my apartment I ventured out to get some medicines for my mom in my two-wheeler by around 7:15pm. Little did I know at that time what was going to unfold for me.

Well to my dismay, the front tire in my two-wheeler was flat. Though I could have walked down to the medical shop, I realized my responsibility to fix the tire because it had to be used by my wife the following day. Therefore went to a tire repair shop a few meters away from my house. The shop owner (well-built and rough-looking) curiously gazed not at me but at my tires to see if he is getting some business. I gave a gentle smile and reported on my flat tire.

My bikes tire

Innocent Victim

The guy with broad shoulders started engaging me in a conversation and approached my bike to dismantle the tire. With great ease he did that and went back to his workstation to remove the tube from the tire. A slight breeze brought in a wave of jasmine smell in that place and within no time I could find the source of it. Yes, a young lady, well dressed, just stopped in front of the shop with a small food packet in her hand and humbly asked the shopkeeper if he was interested to dine with her. Promptly but not harshly he said no to the lady who was of course slightly disappointed. She just went past us immediately dangling the food packet in her hand and swinging her arms as if she was walking in a paddy field.

Lady with Jasmine

Lady with Jasmine

The shopkeeper looked at my face and said “Sir, all ladies ought to be like this” and added some more superlatives about her. I was indeed amazed by his flattering remarks on that lady and asked him why do you say so? He replied back saying that “Sir, this lady was so brave enough to burn her husband alive for drinking too much and harassing her” Though I felt that it was a deserving punishment, I was shocked to know the truth that her husband was drinking more than her and she could not tolerate it and hence the punishment. The guy started prating more about her character. (not worth recording in this blog)

Though shocked by this real life story, I was surprised by the way this guy was working his way to remove the tube from the tire while narrating the incident. At one point of time he just took the tire slightly off sight and did something which did of course get my quick attention. When I approached him closely he stood and walked away to the testing spot. Well the result came out that my tube had a big puncture which was not worth fixing it. He then went back to his workstation to inspect the tire and what I witnessed next just blew me up. He showed me a big cut in the center of the tire and blamed it on a glass piece. Now I have got both my tube and the tire condemned.

Tampered Tire

Tampered Tire

Guess what? That real life story of the jasmine lady did the trick here by making me engrossed in the incident and neglecting the cut which he had made in my tire when he took the tire a bit off sight. Well, once I realized this, I questioned him on this and he immediately showered me with all the possible swearing and gave me no room except to get away from that place with my new tire and tube in place. What was supposed to be a puncture ended up with a new tube and a tire with 5 years warranty.

Bringing back the tampered tire home was a solace to me to do some research on it and see how the hell he could have done this to me?. I was made a big fool in front of my eyes proving that there is no discrimination when it comes to “BECOMING A FOOL” be it a man or a woman.

Beware next time.

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LOGJAM – A chronic disease which needs to be eradicated.

Oh! What a shame?

The Pride of India is being put to acid test in the parliament almost daily during this monsoon session. Our parliamentarians are displaying no remorse for their shameless act in the parliament disrupting the most valuable time of the Government. Ever since the monsoon session of the parliament started on the 21st of July 2015 no day has been productive so far till date (03/08/15). In fact to put it in blatant terms all our MP’s are having a prolonged break.



After the recent death of our former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, there were huge numbers of messages floating around in the social media proudly sharing his powerful quotes and recounting the incidents which took place just before he collapsed. One such message carried the news that Dr.A.P.J just before taking on the podium told the hosts that he is going to pose a challenging question to the students on “How could we bring an end to the LOGJAM happening in our parliament”. Well, I am not sure how authentic that news was but it certainly is a big loss for India when we realize that the man who made India strong through his space research and missile technology could also have found a solution to this chronic LOGJAM disease if only he was alive.

Logjam in Parliament

Logjam in Parliament

Tribute to such a great man who loved the nation does not mean that all the big guns attend his funeral and return back to the capital and exhibit some awful conduct by not allowing the parliament session to go through. TIME is MONEY, and if this simple fact is being ignored and ridiculed by our representatives in the capital, then I guess we should all feel ashamed to be silent spectators.

This blog is certainly not to induce or incite a revolt against the government, but it is certainly a heartfelt condolence to our democracy. Well I honestly feel handicapped seeing the same drama unfolding each and every day, yet we could do nothing to bring some order in the most esteemed constitutional body of India. If two issues be it trivial or significant (Vyapam and Lalit Modi) could stall the entire proceedings of the government and inflict such a big loss to our economy why not this blog incite and induce all the citizens of this great country to come up with some cure to this eternal disease and eradicate it once for all from this holy land. We need to bear in mind that the moral and monetary loss and damage caused by the above two scandals is only getting multiplied by the number of days the parliament is not able to function.



Rest of the days in this session till August 13th seems to be very bleak and I really wonder who is going to take the onus?

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The Pride of Indian Cinema – Bahubali

Bahubali – A Indian movie which was hyped about for the last one year at least though it was in the making for more than 2 years.


This movie took me by awe right from the first frame and made me ecstatic till the end. The film starts with an act of valor from one of the key character and that one scene was good enough to  lay the foundation for what was expected of the entire film. If the first half of the movie makes you dumbfound by the exotic location, gorgeous heroine, and flawless graphics the second half of the movie will enthrall with the huge and unseen belligerence exhibited by the actors which are exuberantly captured. Though this movie has seen some of the best computer graphics ever in the Indian Cinema (next to Endiran – Robot) the Director of the movie Mr.Rajamouli deserves a standing ovation for the way he has conceived this movie and picturizing it in a way which will certainly make every Indian proud.



I am lost for words to define this movie because every aspect of the movie has scored more than 100%. Having myself witnessed just a lip-lock scene taking 24 hours to shoot, I can simply imagine the massive amount of effort and hard work which has gone behind this movie. Just saying “hats-of” or commending the Directors efforts by saying “a wonderful job” will certainly not be enough for the reach and popularity it has gained amongst the audience in India and abroad.

This in anyway does not seem to steal the limelight from the other technicians and actors who have worked so hard in this movie. Well, the captain deserves to be applauded and celebrated for his vision first of all and the way he has extracted the work from his team. Every single person in this team would definitely be feeling so proud to have worked in such an epic movie.



I personally feel that this movie is not worth watching in a TV and it has to be watched only in the theaters and preferably in a DOLBY ATMOS theater. It was indeed a mind blowing experience for me watching this movie and I have already made up my mind to watch this movie in the Telugu version as well. This movie has broken all the records in the Bollywood also with its Hindi version.

This movie has surpassed all the records set by the previous Indian movies and still running successfully in many theaters both in India and abroad. Kudos to the producers of this movie who has lavishly but wisely spent on this movie.

I would love to discuss and cherish each and every scene which I enjoyed in the movie but wisely decided not to do so because of the limitation of the pages in my word processing application.

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