Hospitality on the roadside – A heart whelming incident….

I have read a lot of couplets from the world-famous Tamil literature called “THIRUKKURAL”. For those who have not read or heard about this great literature, please enlighten yourself by clicking on the link below. It will definitely be an amazing experience for you probably Life Changing…

Thirukkural Book

Thirukkural Book

Every Tamilian is so blessed to have an iota of opportunity to learn this literature during the school days and remember it till the grave. One such chapter this book talks about is called “HOSPITALITY” which is classified under a broad heading Righteousness.

Well, I was tremendously busy organizing for a big festival in my apartment recently (17th September 2015). As a Chairman of the festivities committee, I was responsible for various tasks and one among them was distributing the invitation cards or rather inviting people to the pompous ceremony. My committee was so amiable and big hearted that we decided to invite all the vendors who serve our building including the maintenance staff, housekeeping, security, iron wala, flower, water, paper vendor, street vendor outside our compound, etc…Though this suggestion was spontaneous from me, my team of 20 people unanimously agreed and cheered for it as we all knew that it was a very noble thing to do.

Arrangements for the festival was in full fervor. Almost all the invitations were distributed as on the penultimate day excepting for one. Yes, I just quickly grabbed one invitation pack from my home and walked along with my kids down the stairs to drop them of at the school-bus pickup point which is in the main entrance of our apartment. Bus was on the dot and the kids boarded them in no time. I waved a big bye to them and walked towards the coconut vendor whose has got his shop in the pavement on the main road adjacent to our building. This gentlemen by the name Elumalai has a very humble, polite and courteous smile always and he was of course in our invitees list.

Elumalai - The coconut vendor

Elumalai – The coconut vendor

As soon as he saw me walking towards him he fumbled and started dusting a rusted stand in which he used to rest in between his arduous routine of standing the whole day. He greeted me with his characteristic smile and asked me to be seated. For a moment honestly I thought I have entered his house. Though we almost see each other every day, I could vividly sense a unique warmth in his hospitality at that moment.

Since it was quite early in the morning, he had just bought a cup of tea for himself and was about to relish it when I happened to go and invite him for the festival. With no second thoughts, he grabbed a disposable cup from his makeshift place and quickly poured half of his tea onto the other cup and offered it to me with all humility. I was simply taken aback by his hospitality at that point in time because I know how valuable is a cup of tea for a street vendor and how much more it is to drink it hot especially during the early morning. I instantly became very conscious about these two things and tried to politely refuse his tea. But he immediately replied to me “Sir, I have bought this tea from a good place, and therefore you can definitely have it sir.

Though I felt very ashamed of myself on his perception, I felt so proud and happy on being a recipient of such a great hospitality on the road side which many of us are not able to display inside our house. Without any exaggeration, let me tell you that I could instantly recollect the couplet written by the great saint Thiruvalluvar who had said the following in his HOSPITALITY chapter as below.

வித்தும் இடல்வேண்டும் கொல்லோ விருந்தோம்பி
மிச்சில் மிசைவான் புலம்.

Which means

Does anyone even need to sow his field if he always eats only

What remains after feeding his guests?

Thirukkural - A Great Literature

Thirukkural – A Great Literature

I was simply moved to tears that day and my respect to him has gone up significantly ever since. I was delighted to host him during the festival for which he came with his wife.

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A lady so brave, she burnt her husband alive – Real Life Story

Did I have the chance to meet this brave lady? Yes, I did.

It was quite a busy Sunday for me on 16th August 2015. After some arduous community work in my apartment I ventured out to get some medicines for my mom in my two-wheeler by around 7:15pm. Little did I know at that time what was going to unfold for me.

Well to my dismay, the front tire in my two-wheeler was flat. Though I could have walked down to the medical shop, I realized my responsibility to fix the tire because it had to be used by my wife the following day. Therefore went to a tire repair shop a few meters away from my house. The shop owner (well-built and rough-looking) curiously gazed not at me but at my tires to see if he is getting some business. I gave a gentle smile and reported on my flat tire.

My bikes tire

Innocent Victim

The guy with broad shoulders started engaging me in a conversation and approached my bike to dismantle the tire. With great ease he did that and went back to his workstation to remove the tube from the tire. A slight breeze brought in a wave of jasmine smell in that place and within no time I could find the source of it. Yes, a young lady, well dressed, just stopped in front of the shop with a small food packet in her hand and humbly asked the shopkeeper if he was interested to dine with her. Promptly but not harshly he said no to the lady who was of course slightly disappointed. She just went past us immediately dangling the food packet in her hand and swinging her arms as if she was walking in a paddy field.

Lady with Jasmine

Lady with Jasmine

The shopkeeper looked at my face and said “Sir, all ladies ought to be like this” and added some more superlatives about her. I was indeed amazed by his flattering remarks on that lady and asked him why do you say so? He replied back saying that “Sir, this lady was so brave enough to burn her husband alive for drinking too much and harassing her” Though I felt that it was a deserving punishment, I was shocked to know the truth that her husband was drinking more than her and she could not tolerate it and hence the punishment. The guy started prating more about her character. (not worth recording in this blog)

Though shocked by this real life story, I was surprised by the way this guy was working his way to remove the tube from the tire while narrating the incident. At one point of time he just took the tire slightly off sight and did something which did of course get my quick attention. When I approached him closely he stood and walked away to the testing spot. Well the result came out that my tube had a big puncture which was not worth fixing it. He then went back to his workstation to inspect the tire and what I witnessed next just blew me up. He showed me a big cut in the center of the tire and blamed it on a glass piece. Now I have got both my tube and the tire condemned.

Tampered Tire

Tampered Tire

Guess what? That real life story of the jasmine lady did the trick here by making me engrossed in the incident and neglecting the cut which he had made in my tire when he took the tire a bit off sight. Well, once I realized this, I questioned him on this and he immediately showered me with all the possible swearing and gave me no room except to get away from that place with my new tire and tube in place. What was supposed to be a puncture ended up with a new tube and a tire with 5 years warranty.

Bringing back the tampered tire home was a solace to me to do some research on it and see how the hell he could have done this to me?. I was made a big fool in front of my eyes proving that there is no discrimination when it comes to “BECOMING A FOOL” be it a man or a woman.

Beware next time.

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LOGJAM – A chronic disease which needs to be eradicated.

Oh! What a shame?

The Pride of India is being put to acid test in the parliament almost daily during this monsoon session. Our parliamentarians are displaying no remorse for their shameless act in the parliament disrupting the most valuable time of the Government. Ever since the monsoon session of the parliament started on the 21st of July 2015 no day has been productive so far till date (03/08/15). In fact to put it in blatant terms all our MP’s are having a prolonged break.



After the recent death of our former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, there were huge numbers of messages floating around in the social media proudly sharing his powerful quotes and recounting the incidents which took place just before he collapsed. One such message carried the news that Dr.A.P.J just before taking on the podium told the hosts that he is going to pose a challenging question to the students on “How could we bring an end to the LOGJAM happening in our parliament”. Well, I am not sure how authentic that news was but it certainly is a big loss for India when we realize that the man who made India strong through his space research and missile technology could also have found a solution to this chronic LOGJAM disease if only he was alive.

Logjam in Parliament

Logjam in Parliament

Tribute to such a great man who loved the nation does not mean that all the big guns attend his funeral and return back to the capital and exhibit some awful conduct by not allowing the parliament session to go through. TIME is MONEY, and if this simple fact is being ignored and ridiculed by our representatives in the capital, then I guess we should all feel ashamed to be silent spectators.

This blog is certainly not to induce or incite a revolt against the government, but it is certainly a heartfelt condolence to our democracy. Well I honestly feel handicapped seeing the same drama unfolding each and every day, yet we could do nothing to bring some order in the most esteemed constitutional body of India. If two issues be it trivial or significant (Vyapam and Lalit Modi) could stall the entire proceedings of the government and inflict such a big loss to our economy why not this blog incite and induce all the citizens of this great country to come up with some cure to this eternal disease and eradicate it once for all from this holy land. We need to bear in mind that the moral and monetary loss and damage caused by the above two scandals is only getting multiplied by the number of days the parliament is not able to function.



Rest of the days in this session till August 13th seems to be very bleak and I really wonder who is going to take the onus?

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The Pride of Indian Cinema – Bahubali

Bahubali – A Indian movie which was hyped about for the last one year at least though it was in the making for more than 2 years.


This movie took me by awe right from the first frame and made me ecstatic till the end. The film starts with an act of valor from one of the key character and that one scene was good enough to  lay the foundation for what was expected of the entire film. If the first half of the movie makes you dumbfound by the exotic location, gorgeous heroine, and flawless graphics the second half of the movie will enthrall with the huge and unseen belligerence exhibited by the actors which are exuberantly captured. Though this movie has seen some of the best computer graphics ever in the Indian Cinema (next to Endiran – Robot) the Director of the movie Mr.Rajamouli deserves a standing ovation for the way he has conceived this movie and picturizing it in a way which will certainly make every Indian proud.



I am lost for words to define this movie because every aspect of the movie has scored more than 100%. Having myself witnessed just a lip-lock scene taking 24 hours to shoot, I can simply imagine the massive amount of effort and hard work which has gone behind this movie. Just saying “hats-of” or commending the Directors efforts by saying “a wonderful job” will certainly not be enough for the reach and popularity it has gained amongst the audience in India and abroad.

This in anyway does not seem to steal the limelight from the other technicians and actors who have worked so hard in this movie. Well, the captain deserves to be applauded and celebrated for his vision first of all and the way he has extracted the work from his team. Every single person in this team would definitely be feeling so proud to have worked in such an epic movie.



I personally feel that this movie is not worth watching in a TV and it has to be watched only in the theaters and preferably in a DOLBY ATMOS theater. It was indeed a mind blowing experience for me watching this movie and I have already made up my mind to watch this movie in the Telugu version as well. This movie has broken all the records in the Bollywood also with its Hindi version.

This movie has surpassed all the records set by the previous Indian movies and still running successfully in many theaters both in India and abroad. Kudos to the producers of this movie who has lavishly but wisely spent on this movie.

I would love to discuss and cherish each and every scene which I enjoyed in the movie but wisely decided not to do so because of the limitation of the pages in my word processing application.

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I could not sleep with my wife!

First day! First Show! Blockbuster Movie! Enthralling experience! Fantabulous Movie! Acclaimed by the Critics!

All these superlatives were put to rest on 1st of May 2015 when a bunch of reckless and irresponsible people mainly the producers of the blockbuster movie “Uttama Villain – உத்தம வில்லன்” decided to release the movie which was already embroiled in a lot of controversy. Well, I am cocksure that including KamalHassan, the pompous producers (Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International ) of the movie were certainly anticipating some trouble in the movie release and yet went ahead and proudly published the release of the movie to be on the 1st of May. Either they presumed that all the movie goers or the fans of KamalHassan are brainless or took us for granted and decided to spoil our day.

Uttama Villain Release Date

Uttama Villain Release Date

Well, it all started with me booking tickets for the first day, first show of the movie with my family. (For first time readers of my blog please read for you to get some background on my distress)

First Day, First Show

Uttama Villain – Crowd waiting outside the theatre

The show was at 8am in a class B kind of a theatre and we hurriedly reached the theatre at 7:25am. Whisking our way inside I could see atleast 4 TV cameras on the tripod and a lot of big banners of Kamal adorning the walls of the theatre. Fans were scattered everywhere on the main road simulating a festive atmosphere and grabbing the attention of every passerby. There was obviously a lot of hustle and bustle amidst which we were eagerly waiting for our turn to get into the theatre. Suddenly to our dismay we heard the news that the first show has been cancelled for some reason. Situation was slowly turning a bit volatile and bleak at the same time. Fans started griping about the disorganized management of the film producers  (Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International) and the theatre owners. Information was trickling in that the movie is not likely to be released that day due to some unresolved disputes between the producers and the distributors.

Fans of KamalHassan

Disgruntled Fans of KamalHassan

It was indeed very disappointing and all our anger was shifting towards Kamal and the producers (Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International) of the movie. If there was a wrangle which was brewing in their own backyard, why did they first of all announce the release of the movie with so much of fanfare? This was the voice of the furious and disgruntled crowd who was slowly losing patience and interest in the movie. I for one, was very angry and fought a futile attempt to get my money refunded. Police came in full force to disperse the protesting fans when I had no intention to exhibit any heroism. A call came from my friend asking if I was interested in 4 tickets for the 11am show in a class A kind of theatre. The momentary anger in me subsided immediately and I was back on my wheels with my family to the other theatre with the hope of watching the movie finally (had to change costume in-between for the class A theatre).

Uttam Villain

Uttam Villain

After all the hassle, we reached the theatre on time with not even an iota of doubt whether the show will go on or no?. Yes, the usher in the entrance greeted us with a smile and said “Sir, the 11am show has been cancelled and we are not certain on the prospects of the movie being screened for the day”. It was indeed a big setback again. The crowd / fans here were pretty decent and well-organized than the film producers. They displayed their anger and inconvenience by simply occupying a screen and staging a protest. The police presence was huge here and to my surprise a lot of senior ranking police officials were present for the mediation. The security personnel outside the sieged screen stopped me from entering until I showed my true color by venting out my frustration at them.   Then I was cautiously allowed inside to see the ardent fans who were engaged in an outright verbal dispute with the theatre management and insisting that the movie “Uttama Villain” to be screened at any cost. It was a do or die situation for the theatre management and no doubt they would have cursed the film producers Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International)  including Kamal for this big disaster.

Stood there in vain for a while and came out to update my family on the situation. Bumped on a bunch of senior police officers and casually asked them what was happening and if they had any official news on the event unfolding. One of them replied that “The theatre owner and the producers should bloody be whipped for this situation”. Another senior police man remarked at me and said “Sir, how come you people have time for all this? I do not have time to even sleep with my wife, but you people are able to hop from one theatre to another for the sake of a movie”. Though it was a blatant statement by that policeman, it still keeps reverberating in my ears.

I finally made up my mind not to see this movie in the theatre. Also somebody justly remarked that all the fans should totally boycott this movie by not going to the theatre since Kamal has ditched all his fans in a big way. If Kamal and the producers think that they are the big guns we the fans and the common public are no way in short of them because we also have time and TIME IS MONEY for all.

Kamal, no doubt will have to take absolute responsibility to this fiasco and come out in public with the facts and start valuing the feelings of thousands and thousands of his fans. He certainly was a villain to a lot of his fans on the 1st of May 2015.

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Chennai Earthquake on 12th June 2010

The Shake of my life

(Original post published on Jun 17, 2010 @ 12:05)

Making the kids sleep on time at night itself is a big feat to achieve for parents having young ones like me. I was no exception on that night of Saturday the 12th of June 2010. Telling scary stories or bringing in a beautiful fairy inside the kids room or at times making your neighbor’s son the bad guy is all up to the parent’s creativity who tell stories to the kids at night. I did the same with my son in telling him a police story and assuring him that everything will be alright and he need not worry about someone knocking at the door in the midnight or getting any night mares.

Well, I succeeded with my responsibility and relieved myself from my sons bunker and retreated to the sofa to watch some TV program with my wife. Watching the reality show together has become a norm for us at night and we did thoroughly enjoy the show before hitting the bed at around 11pm.  Weather in Chennai for the last few days had become so pleasant that we had to regulate the speed of the fan before I could switch of the light. It has become quite habitual for my son to wake me up every night because of the supposedly bad dream he narrates to me as an excuse.  Now you would probably appreciate and relate the precautionary step I took in telling him a police story before he went to bed.

Deep in slumber, I was suddenly disturbed by someone shaking me and trying to wake me up. I opened my eyes pretty confidently to get hold of my son and put him back on his bunker. But I was shocked to see that there was no one standing near my bed. Jolted by that vague instance I stood on my foot immediately to only experience the worst ever night mare of my life. Yes, I could very clearly feel the building almost shaking or infact swaying rapidly. Little did I know at that time, that I was not the only one to have faced such a horror.  Having experienced some mild tremors in the past I quickly appreciated my instinct which sounded an alarm to me that this was an EARTHQUAKE.

Before I could yell out to my wife and mum I could see both of them in action in that split second and as a captain of the house I quickly asked them to rush out of the house. Undisturbed by all these things, both my son and daughter were in their own world in their bed. We literally grabbed them and preparing to whisk off.  While even opening the locks of our door we could hear the commotion outside in the stair case. Residing in the 9th floor always makes you feel proud of the panoramic view you can enjoy but it made me think otherwise during that night.  My wife asked me to quickly grab my mobile and so did I running back to the bedroom. My brain was already working at supersonic speed and drawing conclusions of what sought of disaster might happen in the next second. I honestly lost hope of reaching the ground after experiencing such a bad shake which really shook the life out of me.

We quickly locked the door and dashed down the stairs as it was dangerous to use the lift. Both the exit stairways were full of people jamming the movement and it could only be said that it was a “Race for our life”. While going down I pressed the door bell of the other residents who were not aware of this incident. My wife was carrying my son and I was holding on to my daughter. I was also frantically calling my relatives though my mobile to check on their status. Rushing down the stairs, I did not feel that good to leave my mum behind and run for safety and hence was trying to accompany my old mum in the stairs. But at the same time, I did not want my daughter to be a victim and hence assured my mum that I will be back to take her to safety. Stepping out of the building I could see most of the residents curiously standing outside but still close to the building. I cautioned all of them to move away because if anything untoward happens then their effort to escape would be in vain. Some residents did heed to my warning and we all moved together bit far away while I was trying to locate my wife so that I could handover my daughter and full fill my promise which I made to my mum.

I rushed back into the building and was anxiously glancing through the people coming down the stairs. I inquired about my mum and was told that she was trailing behind in the 2nd floor. Poor old lady pulled out all her strength and courage to walk down all the nine floors. This just affirmed me that people can pull out themselves from crisis only if they had the will, courage and an inclination for their life. Our family reunion took place at around 1:20am in the car park area and we were only praising the god that nothing bad happened.  We probably would have been out of our shelters for only 1 hour, but we could feel all the unease and the disadvantages of not having a roof over our head.  My daughter felt terribly cold, my son was complaining about not able to sleep, my wife and mum wanted to go to the toilet immediately and I felt that I had not taken my car keys so that we could escape from that place.

Eventually at around 2:10am people started getting back into the building and so we followed suit. Shaken by this incident we were quite confident that we were not going to sleep the rest of the night. Keeping my feet back in our house again just brought back that horrifying moment and made me to forcefully recollect the SHAKE OF MY LIFE. (which measured 7.8 in the Richter scale)

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Health, Wealth and Happiness – This is not a business meeting

A personal invite with the above title in bold, when you are in no mood for business. Well, what’s the hesitation then? I was present bang on for this meeting at ITC Grand Chola on 19th April 2015.

ITC Chola

ITC Grand Chola

Well dressed in traditional attire, the girls in the reception were just a gist of the elaborate arrangements made for the event. Completed my registration, got the welcome kit and skipped the coffee/tea formality and got into the banquet hall at 10:50am to take on a prime location to listen to the speaker. Indian Institute of Excellence (IOE) slipped by 15 minutes and started the program at 11:15am with a prayer song and lighting of the lamp. A very good introduction was given by an experienced compere both in Tamil and fluent English and made us all even more anxious by saying that “you are all here for a purpose today and consider yourself fortunate to be present here on this big occasion”.

With these Impressive introductory phrases the first speaker for the day was invited and it was Dr.V.Chockalingam an eminent Cardiologist who was apparently the Chief Guest too I suppose. He was very humorous in his presentation and gave a lot of information on maintaining a healthy heart. Yes, indeed a lot of information, for which he took 50 minutes longer than his allotted time. He certainly enlightened the audience with a plethora of information relating to the heart. This man deserves a big salute for his 49 years of service to the community and for the time he spared for the event. Many times he was quite satirical in asking the audience “Why do you want to come to me with heart ailment and make me even richer? Why can’t you take care of it?” Well, though it is a good question to ponder, I am sure that he knows it pretty well that it will be almost impossible to abstain from visiting a specialist like him at one’s life time. As the saying goes, “Doctors are bound to be rich and destined to become richer

Audience were becoming a bit restless and more so were the organizers and Mr.Vijay B.P who was supposed to be the hero of the day.  With a lot of reluctance and a few prompts from the organizers, the Doctor agreed to conclude his presentation to give way for the main speaker. With high expectations and applause we greeted the speaker Mr.Vijay who apparently carries with him a lot of experience and expertise. But for me and I presume a lot of others he was an unfamiliar face at that time.

The objective of the whole meeting was to educate the audience on how to lead a healthy life and not go to the Doctor to spend your wealth and thereby lead a happy life. Well the speaker gave lot of tips which were not at all pragmatic. This disappointed me very much and even more was the acknowledgement by the audience (applause) for each such tip. Though I fully understand that these were probably followed by our ancestors and definitely would have some positive effects, I am afraid none of them could be followed / adopted in this modern age.  I even doubt whether the speaker himself could religiously follow these tips.

  1. Do not drink coffee or tea instead drink lime and ginger in hot water with a bit of jaggery
  2. Do not use toothpaste and toothbrush to brush your teeth. Instead use a neem stick or crush some mango leaves and use it as a paste. This is to avoid us eating the plastics involuntarily (Bristles)
  3. Do not drink water while standing
  4. Do not drink water in the middle of having a meal or just before having a meal. Take it either 45 minutes earlier or later. The analogy the speaker gave for this was very convincing.
  5. Try drinking water through a spoon.
  6. Also every time when you drink water gargle and swallow so that it gets mixed with saliva and enriches it further
  7. Do not fold your legs and sit in the sofa or chair as it might affect your blood flow
  8. Always go to bed with your legs tied with a cloth like dupatta so that you do not end up in a posture which might affect your blood flow. Always lie flat on your back.
  9. Use your own saliva to treat your eyes to improve your eye sight as saliva is very powerful provided your oral hygiene is good. This is should be the first saliva when you wake up it seems.
  10. Chew the food consciously on both the sides for easy digestion process
  11. Clap your hands for 15 minutes every day to simulate the acupuncture points.

Well, this may not be the first time you would have listened to such an advice or never even heard about it till now. But the point here is that how can we adopt any of the above in our daily life. My best wishes to people who would like to follow them and reap the benefits, but I could perceive this only as general awareness or information and not something which could be adhered to realize the benefits. They are indeed very impractical to follow. His vision was noble though when he said that he wanted these tips to reach as many people as it can.

Feather in the cap was the lavish and sumptuous lunch.

Hats of to the organizers for organizing something like this at a huge cost in the pretext of “This is not a business meeting”

Raja @ ITC Grand Chola

Raja @ ITC Grand Chola


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1920 Vintage Model – 95 not out!

Just 5 more counts for a century!

With the world cup fever just coming to an end almost all of you would only presume that I am talking about the game of cricket. But some of us would need to score a half century (50 odd years) to reach 95. Yes, I am talking about a gentleman Mr.V.M.Vaidyanathan who is my friend’s father who passed away on 29/03/15 at the age of 95.

He will not probably grab anybody’s attention when he goes for a walk in the park or in my apartment purely because nobody would know his age. Yet he was liked by a lot of people and admired by many including me. Attending his funeral on 30/03/15, I thought he truly deserves a eulogy for the way he lived till his last breath. A man of perfection and independence has made me feel shy a lot of times for the agility he shows at this ripe age. Every time when I visit my friend he would happily join us in the conversations and be witty in his own way. A man so fond of his own routine will make people tell the time of the day just by receiving his telephone call or watching him having breakfast, lunch or dinner. He was so meticulous in his activities and more than anything so independent at this age.

I have seen him washing his own clothes every day, going to the terrace to put them on the line, reading newspaper without glasses, going for a walk with a beautiful pair of walking shoes, going to the temple and doing other errands. His dressing sense was ultimate and he was a man who loved to be perfect in whatever he does.

Whenever somebody asks him about his age, he would jokingly say that he is a “1920 Vintage model and 95 not out”. I am also told that he was also curious if he would hit a century but at the same time very cautious and concerned that he should not become retired hurt. Well his prayers were answered yesterday and he was clean bowled at the age of 95. His news came as a shock to a lot of people including the Doctors who treated him at the hospital because he was talking till the last-minute.

A cricket crazy fan who I understand was pestering the attendants at the hospital for the score updates of the World Cup Final. Understand that he was certainly not happy with Australia winning the finals. There is a lot more incidents and qualities of this gentleman which is worth celebrating at this time of his death.

Well, he certainly serves as an inspiration to a lot of people on how to lead a life though not this long but until you live long…and I truly believe that the secret for his longevity was the pranayamam or the breathing exercise and yoga which he did every day.

He has indeed surpassed Don Bradman by living 3 years more than him. Hats of young man!

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A good Samaritan

Honking horns, bustling traffic, curious bystanders, unscrupulous pedestrians, most reckless auto rickshaws and the daredevil motorbike riders are the common characteristics of the road for an Indian driver driving to work or driving back home everyday.

Imagine you are stuck in the middle of this traffic

Chennai Traffic

I experienced just the same on the 4th of March 2015 evening when I was driving back home after a busy day at work. Enjoying the newly released audio of Uttama Villain I was cruising at a top speed of 10 km/h. With the red signal in front of me, there were hundreds of vehicles both in the front and the back of my car. I got my car in neutral and put the hand brake to relax my feet and leg a bit to avoid DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). To my shock the engine went off and the panic button in me was turned on. Frantically I tried to start the car but it would not even crank. Right in the middle of the most busiest road I became very worried and nervous. I immediately activated the hazardous signal or the double blinkers as some might call it.

Looking at my distress the driver of the car to the left of me was telling his passengers that I am in some trouble. Having noticed this I immediately lowered my glass and asked the guy what could be wrong and instantly he replied saying that the battery could be the issue and if you push start it should work. Well, that sounds good. But where is the space to push and start in such a place where every vehicle goes at a bumper to bumper distance? Mind you this is one of the most busiest roads (100 feet road) in Chennai.  Time was ticking and the signal turned green and the vehicles passing me were either ignorant of my situation or belligerent about me parking in the middle of the road and started cursing at me and honking at me. Guy who was just right behind my car was badly upset because he was too close to my car as if trying to have a lip-lock with my car.

Soon everyone around me left and I was stuck in the middle. There came a person suddenly and helped me to push the car aside and asked me to get the help of a few more people and push start the car when the road is conducive to do so. Guess what? The driver who was to the left of me while I was stuck was the person who came for help at that crucial point of time. Hats of to that GOOD and GREAT SAMARITAN who saved me from a very big hassle. This shows that there are people who are so kind and so helpful and we have to get positively influenced by these kind of gestures and incidents and make up our mind to help others in dire situation.


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A Life Time Experience – Uttama Villain Audio launch

Anxiety was hitting its highest rating for me while thinking about the fact that I have requested for few tickets for the audio launch of the famous movie Uttama Villain starring Kamal Hassan. Not until the penultimate day of the launch I got two tickets for the show. Though disappointed with only two tickets for the grand event, I did not have to waste too much of my energy in persuading my wife for not getting the extra two tickets for my kids. After seeing the label “FANS” printed in bold in the tickets, she became slightly apprehensive of coming to the launch though she would have loved to.

I had to look for a companion finally when she said that she is not coming for the event. I had a look at the extra ticket and whispered to the ticket “Don’t know who is the lucky person who would get this ticket”. Count down started on 28/02/15 and I was getting more curious about the launch. It was my first experience to witness such an event in the cinema industry and since I am a very big fan of Kamal my expectations were very high.

1st of March 2015 unfolded as yet another day. I geared myself up for the mega event and for a show starting at 6pm, I was told be present in the venue by 4:30pm. I packed my backpack with some biscuits, drinks and snacks and set out to the venue on time. Reaching the venue on time I drove myself towards the parking lot and all along I could see big posters of the grand event along with some guidance to the people who have to park their vehicles. Signboards were reading “FANS”, “MIP” and “SPECIAL INVITEE”.

Made my way towards the parking area for the FANS and parked my vehicle and took a stroll towards the entrance. Since I was more curious, I walked down to see the entrance for the MIP and the SPECIAL INVITEE. I could see some flashy cars already parked and some others were just coming in. Looking at the buzz which was happening at the site, I quickly made my way towards the entrance for the FANS. There were fans who were taking photographs in front of the big banners and some who had come alone resorted to taking selfies with their heroes. I am for one who do not fantasize too much on those and therefore ignored it and walked towards the huge crowd standing to make their way inside.

Entrance for the fans was very poorly managed and I could see at least 5 to 6 big queues converging at one point. Scared of such a sight I was contemplating on the evolutionary theory which talks about the “Survival of the fittest”. I put myself into that acid test and quickly learned the secret of moving towards the entrance without any effort from me voluntarily. Yes, I was taken automatically by the pushing crowd towards the entrance with much ease. But this was certainly not the feeling for the female fans who were along with me. Felt sad for them and bad about the organizers for such a poor arrangement.

Nevertheless, finally made my way towards the auditorium and quickly scrambled for the vantage point from where I could have a good view. But the fans were too fast and quick than my brain. Before I could make a decision, I found myself without much choice because some of them were reserving seats for their friends who were standing so far behind in the queue. Well, glad at least I got an aisle seat which was clear of any obstruction. Quickly called my family to say that I am safe and sound and well seated inside the auditorium.

At that point of time, the stage was definitely non-impressive without any lights and sound which made me wonder whether this was the grandeur which was harped in the media lately about the launch. Slowly got myself busy by looking around and observing the number of cameras, other technicians, bouncers, organizers and the jubilance of some of the fans who were really ecstatic about the whole event. This is something which can be described only on witnessing and not by mere words.

Program was supposed to start at 6pm I was told and the glitz and glamour slowly started to build up when the technicians started doing their final testing of all their equipment’s. I was enthralled by the extraordinary transformation of the main stage when the lights came up in all directions along with some audio visuals (AV). I felt so happy and proud that I was being present there at that time. I could quickly guarantee myself that I am in for a grand gala night. Few minutes of the testing done by the crew put everyone in a fix. Meantime, the celebrities started making their way to their designated “SPECIAL INVITEE” area. I was still busy observing the even unfold in front of me and sincerely missed my family who could not be present with me.

Anticipation and expectation of the whole crowd including me was soaring to great heights whenever there was the background theme music played so loud in the auditorium. All of us were sticking our neck out to see if somebody is treading on to the stage. Time was ticking and it was close to 6pm when the auditorium was almost to its full capacity.

Sharp at 6:15pm, the show started of with a beautiful introduction given about the person who was about to compere the show that night. It was none other than Parthiban who a lot of them knew would steal the show by his extraordinary talent of speaking so witty and poetic. None of us knew the program schedule or the sequence of events. It was indeed a unique experience to be part of the huge fans of Kamal and observe their sincerity and devotion to their hero. The highlight of the whole show in my opinion was the special AV which was shown which was written by Mr.K.Balachander and narrated by the man himself who is the guru of Kamal.

The AV was so well made and I can be cocksure that nothing can bring you that moment unless if you were present LIVE to see the succession of events which were unfolding. It was indeed such a mind-blowing narration and the contents of which were speaking so high about Kamal and his dedication to the industry and his work. Parthiban during the introduction, rightly worded it by saying that this was the “WILL / UYIL” given by Kamal’s guru. Probably the AV would have gone for 4 minutes or so and the final slide of which was a very colloquial and a casual phrase from K.B with his smiling photograph. The whole auditorium erupted with a big applause from the crowd when the AV concluded. Emotions were running so high after the AV and no doubt that the genius deserved all the accolades he has got so far.

Suddenly, the huge LED display opens right in the middle and to all of our surprise Kamal was standing in a black suite with all his humility in a hands folded fashion. It was just too spontaneous and the whole auditorium just rose up with a deafening applause and gave him a standing ovation to the man who has achieved so much in his career and still craving for more. It was such an emotional moment for all of us and words could not simply describe that moment of the night. One has to be there to simply experience it. Recorded relays of that particular moment will be no match for witnessing the moment in person. For a man who has seen the pinnacle in everything (literally everything) I wonder what he would have felt at that point in time. Obviously he was also emotional as one could see when the many cameras zoomed on him and projected the visuals on the big LED’s placed in the auditorium. The whole auditorium was simply electrifying at that point of time.

I can simply conclude this blog right here even though there were many interesting events which happened thereafter. But I would feel very guilty If I do not mention the reciprocating act by Kamal in acknowledging the wishes from his guru by dedicating a poetic reply which was again world-class and very moving. This not only showed his prowess in the Tamil language but showed the true bonding he had with his guru.

Show was a stupendous success excepting for some lapses by the organizers in managing the crowd.

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